Climate change, forests, and us

Everywhere in the world, people are noticing changes in the weather. Compared with the past, there are more floods, droughts, landslides, storms, heat waves, and fires. Experts say this is because of changes in the climate. Find out why these changes are happening and what we can do to slow down these changes.

Biodiversity conservation: Preserving wildlife, plants, and ecosystems

Indonesia’s forests are world-famous biodiversity hotspots. But this biodiversity is threatened by widespread forest degradation and loss. Find out what IFACS is doing to conserve Indonesia’s biodiversity.

Best management practices: How businesses can benefit from conservation

Millions of hectares of Indonesian forests are inside concessions, for timber, industrial plantations, or mining. Find out how IFACS works with private sector entities to apply best management practices to conserve forests and biodiversity.

Multi Stakeholder Forums: A platform to give people a say in their future

Residents in a district are best placed to understand their area’s needs and to shape its future. IFACS therefore partners with local groups made up of civil society, the private sector, and government. Find out how these Multi Stakeholder Forums are becoming champions of forest and biodiversity conservation and improved governance.

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